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Wisdom From The Jazzman

Smooth Words To Help You Navigate Through Life

Let It Go

JayLang- WIsdom From The Jazzman

Tell The Truth

Jay Lang- Wisdom From The Jazzman

Be Thankful

Jay Lang- Wisdom From The Jazzman

Accept Responsibility

Jay Lang- Wisdom From The Jazzman

The Awakening

Here are a few excerpts from "Wisdom From The Jazzman" The Book. I've taken the time to record them for you so you can get the true essence and feeling of the life messages and lessons contained within. If you wish to hear more, by clicking on the icons below, you can hear a new inspirational message LIVE each weenight Monday through Thursday at 10:20pm on 88.1 WHOV and via I-Heart Radio worldwide.

Hear my full radio show LIVE from 7pm to Midnight weeknights.