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Wisdom From The Jazzman

Smooth Words To Help You Navigate Through Life

Hello Fear

Kirk Franklin

There comes a time when we know what we must do but life sometimes just gets in the way. Sometimes we hesitate out of fear of the difficulties. Fear of challenge. Fear of the unknown. For me that time and appointment with destiny has come. Hello fear.

"Wisdom From The Jazzman" is available worldwide through Koehler Publishing & Morgan James Publishing with distribution through Ingram Books. It is now available at Barnes & Noble,, Powell Books, Books-A-Million, Indie Bound, through Kindle, Sony, Nook, Droid & I-Phone Apps, and soon as an Audio Book.

This is your opportunity to a Limited Edition personal autographed copy that will be delivered to your home. For $20 you will receive your autographed copy with my sincere thanks and appreciation.

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Wisdom From The Jazzman

Motivational Book

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Wisdom From The Jazzman

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