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Wisdom From The Jazzman

Smooth Words To Help You Navigate Through Life


In The Clouds

Writing Again

Published March 1st, 2015

Life has presented me with new insights and new inspiration. I'm happy to announce that I'm working on the next motivational book, so stay tuned and keep those comments coming. Creative inspiration comes and it goes. For me it's kind like a puppy. When you play with it it loves you, and gives love back in double measure. When you don't it's sad and just sits there waiting for your attention. Catch it when it comes. It's a wonderful thing. Keep checking back!

Heck Productions Releases "Wisdom From The Jazzman" Book Trailer 

Published March 23rd, 2013

Wisdom From the Jazzman Book Ttrailer

Author Jay Lang Talks About The Book And It's Inspiration. Wisdom From The Jazzman was inspired by the author's nightly motivational segment on his radio show.

Barnes & Noble Raleigh / Durham, NC Book Signing!

Saturday, Octoberl 26th 1 - 4pm

Published October 1st, 2013

Join me at Barnes & Noble Booksellers at The Streets At Southpoint in Durham, North Carolina on Saturday, October 26th from 1pm until. I'm staying until all books are sold and can't wait to meet you. If you already have a copy, bring it and I'll sign it for you!. See you there! Email, text and tweet your friends about it. Spread the word!

Wisdom From The Jazzman Released Worldwide

Published January 17th, 2013

The Journey has begun through the distribution deal between the publishers and Ingram Books. "Wisdom From The Jazzman " has been released worldwide and now available at a major book seller near you including Barnes & Noble, Books A Million, Apple Store, Quill, Kindle, Nook, and the Sony EStore to name a few. Available in the Self Improvement section with major shelf exposure. Book signings and travel plans are developing for the remainder of the year. Get a copy soon and please let me know what you think. Coming soon to a city near you, the "Wisdom From The Jazzman" book tour. Thanks again for your support along the way. Check back here often for updates!

Koehler/Morgan James sign WHOV radio host Jay Lang

Published May 10, 2012

Köehler Books, an Imprint of Morgan James, signed Hampton Roads radio host Jay Lang to a book deal for his new title, Wisdom from the Jazzman. The book will feature a collection of devotional readings read by Lang during his show over the past few years.The book is, according to the author, a way to “awaken your life and cross over into your destiny.” The devotionals and readings are part of Lang’s ministry to bring positive affirmation, light and relief to the many people who listen to his show, Lights Out Hampton Roads with Jay Lang, which airs Monday through Thursday nights on 88.1 WHOV & I-Heart Radio or streaming at WHOV. Lang’s show is expected to be available soon via national syndication on PSN The Philly Syndication Network.

John Koehler, the author Jay Lang, and

David Hancock of Morgan James Publishing

An example of one of Lang’s encouraging affirmations from the book is:

Encourage Others Each Day

    Life doesn’t always deal you good cards. Each day you have opportunities to reach out and encourage someone else, either in person, by pen or email. Even in the grocery store, believe it or not. Smile and be friendly, strike up a conversation with someone else in line, not only will the time in line pass much faster, but you’ll also make a big difference in the life of the person you encouraged while waiting.In order to receive blessings you have to be a blessing. That’s how it works, so Encourage Others Each Day.

    At the office, on the street, in the restaurant, the department store anywhere you run into someone who may need some inspiration. Just think. That may be the only word of encouragement they receive all day! Remember you’ve been placed there for a reason! Instead of walking by someone tomorrow without speaking, which we often do, say hello with a smile. If you run onto someone who’s losing their confidence, don’t let it happen lift them up as much as you can to set them back on track. Encourage Others Each Day.

    It may be just what they needed at that moment. Be flexible and learn to go with the flow. Loosen up. Don’t be so cold and wrapped up into yourself. When you help those around you, you’ll begin to see more peace, joy and victory in your life. So take the time to Encourage Others Each Day.

Wisdom from the Jazzman is expected to be released in early 2013 and will initially be available for pre-order exclusively on Lang’s show and later through online booksellers. For a complete bio of the author, visit Blue Pyramid Productions./article-content Posted in Koehler Books.