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Wisdom From The Jazzman

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Still Traveling & Now On The Speaking Circuit

Posted on 18 October, 2013 at 14:38
Family, It's been a while since I've had a chance to write something here.  I promise to do better. Between running 88.1 WHOV as Station Manager, doing radio broadcast color commentary for Hampton University Football Games ( and soon Basketball), teaching students and exploring other avenues of marketing for "Wisdom From The Jazzman", I haven't had a lot of free time. Today, right now, I do. LOL
Ive got a number of book signings coming up between now and December The first being Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina on October 26th, Richmond (Chesterfield), Virginia  on November 9th and Savannah, Georgia on November 23rd. I hope you spread the word to friend and family in those cities so I can meet them and autograph a copy of the book. It WILL change your life. If you need a motivational speaker for your next event, show, conference or program let me know.  My profile will soon be up on the Morgan James Speakers Bureau website as a new speaker now taking bookings. I'll post the link once I'm done.
In addition to all of that, I'm casually working the sequel to "Wisdom From The Jazzman" as the vibe comes. So for those of you who have asked, there will be a Part 2 (smile). I also did something I've been talking about for years. In case you didn't know I'm also a songwriter and musician. It's been years since I've played my main instrument so I figure I'd go out and buy a new Trumpet after 20 years without one.  Now I'm getting my chops back in shape so I'll be able to sit in on some jam sessions locally. It will be a great stres reliever for me. Everyone should have one.  A stress reliever that is. :)
Other than that, life is just plain good. There are no good days and bad days in my life. Just good days. Thats how I choose to look at it these days. Every day is a good day if you are here to see it. Until next time, stay prayed up and  Follow Me on Twitter @jaylang1.
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