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Wisdom From The Jazzman

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January Is Finally Here!

Posted on 10 January, 2013 at 7:21
Well Family,
Outside of fighting this terrible flu bug and streph throat for the past few days, so far this has been a focused entrance into the new year for me thus far. Don;'t worry, I'm feeling better than a few days ago. (smile) This flu bug is fierce! After months of anticipation, January 2013 is finally here and "Wisdom From The Jazzman" books are being placed daily in booksellers all over the world and is available on Kindle and Nook as we speak. If your local book store doesn't have it, have them contact Koehler Publishing or Morgan James Publishing to get some in stock. As for those of you who've ordered presale copies with the FREE CD, I'm sending out another batch. You should get yours next week!
If once you get into the read, it moves you or if you would like to comment let me know. If  you would like me to use your quote on my websites and Facebook pages I will. All the support you  give this project is highly appreciate. Book signings? Well we're in the process of setting some up now. If you know of  a place in your city perfect for a reading/signing, please contact me and let me know so my publicity & marketing team can make it happen.
Hello New York City! Listen out for a live interview on WBAI in the very near future on Professor Earl Cal dwell's "Caldwell Chronicles". Stay Tuned! We've Only Just Begun And The Best Is Yet To Come! Happy New Year!
Jay Lang

Categories: The Journey